Eileen Newbury

Eileen Newbury is the unseen heart and soul of The Ultimate Renewable team and we thought, why not share her sentiments about forests, timber and wood with the community! She downright loves what wood is and can be for the future of our planet and its people.

TUR: What do you love about wood?
Eileen: I love wood for many reasons – I get excited about building materials that work, and are part of the environment, not against it!
Nothing is better than the uniqueness and beauty of wood.  The colours, textures, grains are all individual, just like people.
Age demographics do not come into play with wood – it is timeless.

TUR: Do you have a favourite piece of timber furniture (that your own, or wish you owned)?
Eileen: I recently had some spotted gum flooring laid in my home. I love the beauty of each piece of timber with individual characteristics. It’s like admiring a beautiful painting. 

Not long after my floors were laid, I was walking in the Melbourne Royal Botanical Gardens and saw a row of spotted gum trees. I stopped and admired their beauty and colours and knew that I would always appreciate my floors and where they came from.

TUR: If you were going to build a house, would you use timber and where?
Eileen: I would use timber in as many places as possible – structurally and visually. Wood stores carbon so it is great for the environment. I love bringing the outdoors inside through the use of natural materials and plants. This is called biophilic design and there are many benefits such as lowered blood pressure and heart rate and, feeling calmer. Who doesn’t need that??


Eileen’s spotted gum flooring.


Eileen with her mate Charile. The Carbon Catcher.


Did you know?

Carbon stocks in Australia’s forests increased by 0.6%, to 21,949 million tonnes, during the period 2011–16.