Tonia Todman

Wood is good. It is a renewable, natural resource that not only helps to tackle the effects of climate change, but can add warmth and character to your home. No one knows this better than Tonia Todman, televisions ‘Queen of Craft’. We spoke to her on why she cherishes wood.

TUR: What do you love about wood?
Tonia: I love wood for its authenticity, endurance, and the very tangible feeling of ‘realness’. Is that a word? I loathe plastic and synthetic ‘wood’. 

TUR: Do you have a favourite piece of timber furniture (that you own, or wish you owned)?
Tonia: This is my favourite wooden piece (well, one of, as I’m fortunate to have several and all of them were chosen because of instant love). 

I purchased it about 30 years ago in Sydney and I recall that it was not expensive – pine wood was a little undervalued then – mahogany and cedar were more in vogue – or anything Victorian-styled in polished brown wood. Even Oak was then a little unappreciated.

I’m told it’s a Bavarian wedding chest – but I’m more inclined to think it’s from Northern middle Europe or Scandinavia somewhere. It’s quite heavy for Baltic pine. It is made completely of pine, the drawers are dove-tailed, it has never split and it still has its original hand forged iron handles. It provides very generous storage and the top is a useful bar if needed – that is, if I haven’t cluttered it with ‘stuff’.  I hope to keep it for the remainder of my life – a piece such as this fits in just about anywhere.

Wedding Chest

Pictured: Tonia Todman’s Bavarian Wedding Chest. Her favourite wooden piece.

Tonia has an abundance of experience styling and decorating with wood. Ask her anything about styling or decorating on her website!

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Did you know?

A government report showed there is no evidence proving that harvesting timber from native forests has reduced overall forest biodiversity or led to the extinction of any species of plant or animal.