Our Partners

Yates Bros (Stratford) Pty Ltd

2676 Booral Road
Booral, NSW 2425

YZY Kit Homes


18 St Johns Road
Maraylya , NSW 2765

YZY Kit Homes is a developer and manufacturer of high quality one room, 1 and 2 bedroom or custom design and size Scandinavian backyard cabins and granny flats. Flat-pack timber studios are mainly built for a family home, guest accommodation, holiday house, a home office, a pool house, parents retreat, teenage studio, art studio or a garden room.

YZY Pty Ltd


707/508 Riley Street
Surry HIlls, NSW 2010

YZY kithomes is a developer and supplier of quality single room, 1 bedroom or any other custom design and size solid timber backyard cabins used for a home office, guest room, parents or teenage retreat, art studio or a garden room.


Did you know?

Logs from plantations cannot produce the sawn hardwood timber produced from logs currently harvested from native forests.