Trees grow from the sky? See the proof.

Saturday, 15th Sep 2012

Popular opinion would have us believe that trees grow from the ground, that's what roots are for right? Wrong. Most of the substance of trees comes from the sky in the form of carbon dioxide and water. And what have jiggling atoms got to do with it?

Click through to watch this fascinating video of US Nobel prize winning physicist Richard Feynman explaining why (and how) wood burns and why trees grow from the air. Along the way he also introduces the thought that the light and heat from burning wood are simply stored sunlight. And he tells us why jiggling atoms are relevant.

Watch this and ask yourself - is wood solid solar energy?

Worth a view - and a link to send to any inquisitive children you know.

WNB News Richard Feynman

Watch the video here,

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Did you know?

A total of 46 million hectares (35%) of Australia’s native forest is on land protected for biodiversity conservation, or where biodiversity conservation is a specified management intent.