The Ultimate Renewable

The Ultimate Renewable™ is resourced by Forest & Wood Products Australia Pty Ltd (FWPA) and is a collaborative effort between FWPA members and levy payers; it is supported by industry peak bodies, technical associations and companies and organisations throughout the forestry and wood products supply chain.

The Ultimate Renewable™, provides a universal, positive communications message for the sector to share. It’s all about reframing forestry in the eyes of the public, by making and continually reinforcing the association between wood and the word ‘renewable’. This aims to encourage the community to embrace forest and wood products across the supply chain. 

The term The Ultimate Renewable™ is recognition of the fact that unlike other mainstream building materials, wood and wood products are managed for planting, growing and harvesting, whether in single-species plantations or mixed species forests. This process leads to a range of advantages including reducing the resource depletion of our planet, increasing the amount of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere and stored in wood and lowering the environmental impact of construction through lower embodied energy.

We encourage industry members to access The Ultimate Renewable™ branding by completing the form below.  Incorporate it into your own collateral and communications, spreading the messages behind the brand far and wide for maximum impact.

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